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Upcoming book

Creating Spiritual Spaces

ALL of the world has been going through turbulence of political
earthquakes, and medical tsunamis of our times. While there are no
answers, no solutions, and no explanations which solve the uncertainty-
there is an ability to turn to the spirituality in our tradition and to other
accessible spiritual traditions to weather this time.

IN my upcoming book, working title: Creating Spiritual Spaces, I
wonder at the mystery and meanings of life with the readers by sharing
Jewish teachings and texts, practices. Wondering at the mysteries is the
not the same as offering dictated answers which ultimately cannot satisfy
our curiosity. Life is about the journey and the sacred relationships along
the way.

Spirituality? Readers will open awareness to a myriad senses, and the
feelings of the heart. We will examine how to see with our heart rather than
with our judgments.

The book will explore the transitions of life and death, health and illness,
age, mental health from the perspective of Jewish Spiritual Care, and other
spiritual traditions. Many stories are told taken from the experiences of
actual patients and people in Israel. The multi-cultural experience of Arabs
and Jews and their common need for wellbeing is expressed in the human
experience of the stories. The human condition is equalizing between all
human beings.

Listening to the other is balanced against listening to our inner voice.
Listening deeply, to the cry of the human soul.

This space will provide a porthole the book’s progress, and to lectures and
workshops related to the book. Please join us here!

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