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About me

All the programs held shatter long-held prejudices, foster a humane, tolerant approach to Israeli society, and bring a polarized Jewish state one step closer to Tikkun Olam (the perfection of the world.) The Liebhaber Prize was awarded for the Promotion of Religious Tolerance and Cultural Pluralism in Israel in 2003.


I've received the Woman of Distinction Award; for the Women's League for Conservative Judaism and the Award for Outstanding Contribution to Israeli Society from Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem in 2008. 

For the last 8 years, I've had the honor of serving as Rabbi at the JRU in Mumbai to work with Benei Israel Jews for the High Holidays. This is delightful, colorful, spicy and very spiritual!


I have been active with interfaith groups promoting personal understanding between Arabs and Jews. I am active for the rights of the refugees. I live in Kfar Sava, Israel with my husband, Dr. Bernie Green. We have three adult children, Raphi, Shira and Ilana and two grandchildren.


I'm a Jewish educator and Rabbi who was ordained at Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem in 2009.


I've initiated and led programs which break down societal barriers and stereotypes while bridging the wide divide that separates the different religious streams of Judaism and the State of Israel. My latest work is the field of Pastoral Care Giving a Rabbi-Chaplain.


I work as a Spiritual Caregiver at Tel Ha Shomer Hospital in two blood cancer wards (hematology-oncology and bone marrow transplants). The work involves comforting, supporting and uplifting patients, families and staff.


I come into contact with those of all religions and backgrounds. I have taught a 10 week course at a local Reform Synagogue on the Meaning of Life and Death from a Jewish perspective using creative means and text study. Since 1995, the Bar- and Bat-Mitzvah Program for Children with Special Needs, runs in conjunction with the Masorti Movement, has reached thousands of children annually from the north to the south of Israel, touching and influencing constantly widening circles within Israeli society.

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